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 February 17-19

 Asheville, NC
 Grove Park Inn Arts and Crafts Conference


 August 5 - 13

 Mount Sunapee Resort, Newbury NH

 Craftsmans' Fair


At the moment, my work is not available at galleries to assure the finest selection at shows.

I'll Show Up!!!

Here's where I'll be bringing my things for 2017.  Hope to meet your there! We have a fabulous time of it :) There's always new things hot from the kiln. No, really, last show things were still warm.  I'll talk your ear off until you buy a small something in an attempt to make a polite escape. I'll keep talking as you back away and I'll say multiple awkward goodbyes. Hopefully Jenny will be there, a creative force of nature that holds my brain together - cleverly disguised as an "assistant".  If you're losing your mind as well, she can likely help.  Do like my facebook page for regular updates as I have the same negligent relationship with this site as I do my eliptical machine. 

New American Art Pottery