​​​​​....I love your work! Where can I buy it?

I bring my work to shows around the country. Upcoming shows are listed here
When I have a few special things I put them on Etsy.  Here's my little shop
I list things, quietly, in the dead of night, in my online shop occasionally...shoppe

I am better/good /ok with/ less negligent with updating my Facebook Page 

I do not have work for sale in shops or galleries at this time....

The demand for my work far exceeds my abilities to make enough for all.  I am eternally grateful for this.

I do not allow studio visits....

My cat bites.  Pre coffee - I bite.  I have no attention span and the nature of my work demands long periods of intense concentration.  I know you will likely bring me gifts....and be awesome and nice and probably buy something.  But it is embarrassing to be caught crying over the Moth Podcast by the UPS dude, much less a fan of my work.  I have uncomfortable chairs.  Everything's kind of dirty.  I only eat sardines, as will you if you dare visit. 


I do not accept commissions or custom work at this time.  I will in the future.

 I apologize for my negligence in correspondence. If you have emailed/ messaged/ called / written/ puffed a smoke signal or reached out in any way.... I've heard you..... I thank you.  You love my work and that means the world to me.  I'm a serious introvert / borderline recluse, and I've been overwhelmed by the response to my things. Then I react like a feral cat at a fancy dinner party.  RUN. HIDE. That's me.  You'll have to kind of show up at my studio and put one of those loop things around my neck for a commissioned piece *

*please don't

......How do I contact you? 

I've by in large closed off many avenues of contact.  I can employ someone to respond, and still may, but at the moment that doesn't feel genuine.  I chat regularly through my Facebook page though.  You may send me a love note through my shoppe, but confession...I don't check as much as I should.  And then I do, and there's a lot, and I feel like a dink for neglecting so many nice people.  While I'm at it, I would also like to confess that I am full on addicted to those spanakopita swirl things at Market Basket.  Also - John- I didn't want to have a second date - not because I'm busy in the studio - but because you sent back your drink twice and that is bitch behavior.

.....Isn't this a terrible business model, not having anything for sale, not taking commissions, and not allowing people to contact you?

It absolutely is.  It is a miracle that I survive.  This was never supposed to work out, my dream of making art, and I haven't the slightest idea of what I'm doing business wise.  I'm really just an artist making things that I love, and despite my best intentions,  it has indeed started to resemble a business.  But don't be fooled dear reader!  When it comes down to brass tacks, I'm just a maniac making things late into the evening, feeding a need of my own and peppering the world with objects of beauty...sorely needed in ugly times.

.....Can I have your Great Gramma's buttercream frosting recipe?

​Yes!  Here ya' go!  I recommend the Mocha.

...I see your work for sale on Ebay for double the price!  What gives? 

I've seen it too.  On rare occasion, it's a piece that someone bought a while back.  Now, more often, it is work bought from me at shows or online, and then put on Ebay at a higher price than what I just received for it.   I'm still figuring out how to feel about that, but at the moment I've decided to feel nothing at all.  It's my job to make the most beautiful things I can.  That's it. I make them for me, I make them for you.  Sometimes someone will sneak between us, and facilitate our exchange.  Let's look at it like that?  If you love that Ebay piece, it speaks to you, but it's a little more expensive than what I'd charge, you should buy it anyway.  Because what if I croaked tomorrow? CHA CHING! You better believe all sorts of vases of mine would turn up on there.  Investing in art is a real thing, I'm doing it with artists I believe in.  I don't trust the stockmarket as much as I trust the permanence of beauty, how about you?

.....You should raise your prices then! 

I should. But I will not.  Little teeny bits, as I have in the past, as I will in the future, as things get more expensive.  I need money to live, and I'm living just fine -thank you- because you're in love with my work. Because of your continued support.  Because of the way you share me with your friends and family, it's built my living in a way I couldn't do myself.  WHEN I win the lottery on a Tuesday, everything will be free.  Until then, I'll continue on in this grand endeavor.

......How many pieces do you make a year?

Under the previously mentioned circumstance of not knowing how to run a business, I will put here a wishy washy answer....as many as I can.  I work every day pretty much, I love it so. I think about 200 vases a year, from little bitty ones to great big ones.  I break/chip/crack/cut through/ explode a whole bunch in my creative pursuits, so I half make a bunch as well that are never put out into the world.  They are put into the muck of the swamp in the back.  Future archaeologists are going to be baffled.    

Typing where is the typing coming out? 

The work of Stephanie Young