Calmwater  Designs

New American Art Pottery

Stephanie Young

Where can I buy your pieces?

I bring my work to shows around the country.  It's an old fashioned way of making a living, setting out a table with some things to sell.  I seem to be well suited to it. The people that like my things are interesting and fun and I love to meet them.  Upcoming shows are listed here

When I have a few things I put them on Etsy.  Here's my little shop

I do not have pieces for sale unless I advertise them.  All work pictured on this site is in public or private collections.

Can I order a custom or commissioned piece?

Making work is my most precious thing.  I make each piece with a big dollop of inspiration and love.   I must keep at this in this way.  I do not make custom, commissioned, or ordered pieces , my apologies.

How can I know what's coming up?

My facebook page is kept quite current.  Here it is...............................................................take me away to FB land!!!

Do you have helpers, or work alone?

I make each piece myself, alone in a small studio.  I throw, trim, carve, and glaze each vase.  I work with apprentices on occasion, they clean and de-clutter and keep me on task. They decant the wine.  I  let them try a bit of glazing.  They must have the prerequistes of passion,  focus..... and giant ears, so as to hear the 9000 careful bits of instruction for the 4000 nuances of the 152 creative facets of each individual piece. 

Matthais helps me with computer and paper things.  His ears are in fact quite small.

Is your studio open for a visit?

No.  I'm weird like that