I live in New Hampshire​:

(Well, I mostly live in the studio)

I can sometimes be found walking in the woods, holding down a barstool, or trying to find my car in the grocery parking lot.  My hobbies include planting weird plants that don't grow, reading, antiquing, yoga, and chasing men.  

What's your Creds?
I fought the good fight for a BFA.  I attended school at the
wonderful Art Institute of Boston.  There I received a
classical training  in drawing, color, and design.  Beyond
that, not much.  Nearing 10,000 hours,  I suppose. I've
taught at, and managed the studios of many art centers in
the Boston area.  My work has been shown internationally
and I have followed it through Europe and Asia.  A vase
here, a vase there, in private and public collections all over
the world.  I occasionally give demonstrations and lectures ( long rambles) per request.  I teach one lovely evening a week, at the Harvard Ceramics Program.


I grew up surrounded by nature.  My mother dealt in antiques, and I think the countless hours of gazing at the pictures in antique reference books is with me today.  I look around to find local species which I study and draw first.  I reference local architecture, and all matter of turn of the century craft.

How I make things:

  • All of the pieces are Porcelain.  Hand thrown on the potters wheel, and trimmed.
  • When leatherhard, I carve each piece with some very simple tools.
  • My designs are freehand.  Not measured.  No stencils or templates.  From the hand, mind, and heart.
  • After firing, glazes are handpainted onto the surface to adorn the carving.  The pieces are then fired once more, in an electric kiln, to Cone 6.​

The work of Stephanie Young