New American Art Pottery

Stephanie Young

  Calmwater  Designs

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I Live in New Hampshire.....

well.....mostly living in the studio.....

I can sometimes be found in the company of my husband and two cats. I fought the good fight for a BFA. , I learned mad drawing skills.  I have taught at and managed the ceramic programs of many schools, art centers, and colleges in the Boston area.  I travel internationally, attending workshops and symposiums in Asia and Eastern Europe.  My work is in collections all over.


I grew up surrounded by nature.  My mother dealt in antiques, and I think the countless hours of gazing at the pictures in antique reference books is with me today.  I look around to find local species which I study and draw first.  I reference local architecture, and all matter of turn of the century craft.

How I make things:

  • All of the pieces are Porcelain.  Hand thrown on the potters wheel, and trimmed.
  • When leatherhard, I carve each piece with some very simple tools.
  • My designs are freehand.  Not measured.  No stencils or templates.  From the hand, mind, and heart.
  • After firing, glazes are handpainted onto the surface to adorn the carving.  The pieces are then fired once more, in an electric kiln, to Cone 6.