Carved Porcelain by Stephanie Young
Several years ago I began thinking of lamp styles to incorporate into my body of work...
One inspiring afternoon I visited a display of Tiffany Lamps at the Shelbourne Museum.  I became hooked on the notion that there must be a way to create porcelain lamp bases with the same grace and elegance as the Tiffany bronze trumpet bases....
Well, there really wasn't a way.  But over the course of a year, with trials
and failures mounting, I gradually pieced together a method of throwing
individual porcelain bases.  Now how about the shades?
 I needed the perfect compliment to the hard won bases. 
Stained glass:  too overpowering.  Slumped glass:  impossible. Silk shade:  Boring. 
I then began to research Mica shades.  I acquired all of the appropriate equipment, mica sheets, a first aid kit for mishaps.  I began the arduous process of mastering another craft....
And then I found a fantastic artist that was already making the exact shades I needed!  She makes each by her own hand!  We now make the perfect pairing for each lamp, ensuring a truly unique composition.

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