Carved Porcelain by Stephanie Young

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I am an artist and ceramics teacher living in Plaistow New Hampshire.

As a child, I had always wanted to be a scientist.  It was several years into adulthood that I decided to make my scientific curiosity part of my work. 

I study the species around me in depth, sketching and sculpting them.  I then carve images of these bits of nature onto the surface of wheelthrown porcelain forms.  I have been accused of being very patient as some of the larger pieces take upwards of 20 hours to carve...

For me, my carving is a meditation, each line leading to the next.  I feel as if I know a little more about the substance of things once I have truly studied the form.

       My works  have the geometry seen during the Art Nouveau period. Each design contains mathematical elements found in nature.  Many contain designs derived from  Victorian architecture. 

Each unique carved porcelain is a balanced composition of art, science, and history.

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